Thursday, December 01, 2005

Quickie Updates

1. I got all the way to the bus stop before realizing I was wearing these: Apparently I don't choose my shoes, they choose me. Too late now! And tonight I'm wearing these to a function: So I'm not good with authority, sue me. 2. Anyone else getting a little tired of the weird-animal-as-personal-demon theme on "Lost?" Anyone? Anyone else want to be ravaged by Michelle Rodriguez? Anyone? 3. Public Service Announcement: I have discovered the ultimate, no-fail hangover cure. V8 juice with a little too much Tabasco sauce added. Yes, I know they make spicy V8 now. It's not the same. 4. I did not, apparently, win the Daily Show couch raffle. My ass cheeks demand an explanation. That's it! It's a busy day!