Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Short shorts

1. Thanks to my friend Steve, I have discovered Pandora. She's the bomb. All you have to do is type in the name of a band or musician or song that you like and, based on your perceived tastes, Pandora will create a streaming radio station of other songs she's pretty sure you'll like too. You can create multiple stations and it's a cinch. If you're like me and have trouble finding new artists to listen to who fall comfortably into the not-quite-defined genres that you like, trust me and give this a try. 2. Someone called me a "tard" a couple of posts down. I still remember the first time I heard that word. I believe I was wearing a rugby shirt, tapered jeans and a whole lotta Aquanet. I sort of miss "tard." Has its time come round again? Can we reintroduce "tard," "grody," and "gag me with a spoon" to the popular lexicon? Does this mean that "talk to the hand" and "don't go there" have only 15 years to wait and "for reals" has 25? It's sort of like the cycle of baby names. My great aunt's name was Eleanor. I used to hate it and think it was a weird, old fashioned name, but now I'm sort of loving it. My great uncle's name was Earl and now there is a popular tv show starring a dude named Earl. Madonna's new name is Esther. ........well, I guess everything, including "tard," comes back around. I'm wearing pointy shoes with flared pants today - I'm the 70's AND the 80's! What was intended as a limp-fisted insult has instead succeeded in making me feel sweetly nostalgic.... 3. There are lots of things to like about Penn and Teller, but this is my new favorite. ******************************** From "Overheard in New York": Guy: ...And she had the nerve; she didn't even ask me to be her friend. She just sent me her profile! Chick: Omigod, you should so send her a frowny. --Columbia University Overheard by: djlindee