Thursday, January 26, 2006

By way of explanation...

I feel the need to acknowledge what most of you have probably noticed by now, which is that Slothville is on thin ice at the mo. I'm blogging about television and other random non-personal bits because that's all I have going on. The truth is, I am going through something that is so monumentally horrible that I have completely shut down my life. I come to work in the morning, I get through my day, I go home, pour myself a drink and turn on the tv. Emotionally, that's all I'm capable of right now. You should feel sorry for my boyfriend, he deserves some pity for putting up with me in this state. This is my blue-and-green softhead. She looks how I feel. Click the link in the sidebar if you would also like a stuffed head to emote for you. I can't talk about what's going on with me on this blog. I can't talk about it anywhere, actually. Suffice to say, it is so amazingly, amazingly bad that you are better off not knowing about it. I'm not abandoning Slothville. I will still be posting regularly. Just know that if things seem a little spotty around here for a while, it isn't that I've lost my edge. It's that I've lost something much, much worse. Everything's going to be fine. Just not right this second.