Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Mini Monday Post #1

Oh you did NOT! Real World/Road Rules Dumbfucks!!! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??? Dude, the Veterans team is fucking retarded to pit Beth against Ruthie in the Gauntlet. I mean, come ON. First of all, that stupid bitch Montana just wanted to sit out the challenge and she freaked out all over Beth because she was just waiting - WAITING - for even the flimsiest excuse to make it seem like Beth is a crappy team member, which she is NOT. Beth outright ADMITTED that she is the fattest girl on the team and that she should sit out the challenge because she would be the heaviest girl to carry! And they all turned on her! And then she did better than any of them!! Fuck them! They are idiots!! So then they put two strong players in the Gauntlet together? Like THAT'S going to help the team?? YOU FUCKING MORONS, THE ONLY WAY TO WIN IS TO SHED YOUR WEAKEST PLAYERS. And now you lost Ruthie. Your team captain. The one person who can get everyone to rally, the one who weighs like 90 lbs. but still wins all the time. You put her in the Gauntlet with a girl you hate BUT WHO HAPPENS TO BE STRONG AS A HORSE. You know what? YOU ALL DESERVE TO LOSE FOR BEING STUPID ASSHOLES WHO DON'T KNOW HOW TO STRATEGIZE. And now you have the girl you despise the most as your team captain. Waaaaaaaaay to go. I hope she DRIVES YOUR DUMB ASSES INTO THE GROUND.