Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Monday Mini Post #2

It's a television theme day. I bet you can guess what I did all weekend. Ohgoodgoddamn!!! Something terrible has happened. I may as well just pack up my crime scene kit and call it a day. What's the point of going on? What's the point of EVEN LIVING?? I have reached the mythical, dreaded, "Law & Order" threshold. GODDAMN YOU, TNT!!! After days, nay, WEEKS, nay, YEARS of watching "Law & Order" reruns stacked on top of each other like unrealistic, overly complicated flapjacks, the end has come. No joy, no mystery, I know all the answers. SVU, done. Criminal Intent, done. The original, SO done. I've seen every episode, guffawed at every laughable confession, rolled my eyes at every crappy pun, remained disturbingly undisturbed by every child rapist guest-star. You're off the hook, man. There's nothing more to do here. Stretch those neck muscles. Spring for a shave. Fly free!!