Thursday, January 19, 2006


At this very moment I am cackling at The Colbert Report. This guy he's interviewing from, what is it? The 17th district of New York? Oh my god. He's BRUSHING HIS MUSTACHE. I'm sort of surprised to say it, but honestly, this show just keeps getting better. Anything that makes me break out the big teeth laugh is worth a look. Ok, so the test is over, the semester is over, the next one starts in a fucking week so if I'm going to do any good drugs I'd better get on that. 1-800-ASSFORCRACK. Check. Interesting exam. The first essay was painfully general. "You are addressing a government body and explaining to them the nature of folklore, what it is and why they should care about it and fund your study because they have no imagination but might give you money if you blow them, blah blah blah" or whatever. Truthnotkidding: my answer incorporated a giant mushroom colony. My TA. He's a fun guy. The second essay question - and let's be clear that there were only two so they REALLY REALLY COUNTED - was about something that I had first heard of approximately ten minutes before the exam started. No, I'm sorry I should have said EXACTLY ten minutes before the exam started. I was sitting in my seat, looking at the clock, waiting for the professor to pass out the tests, and I thought, "Wasn't there something about some dude that seemed kind of important in all that reading I didn't do?" So I checked out the syllabus and, whatdoyouknow, there was a whole, like, book I was supposed to read. Lucky me, I had the book in my bag. The dude's name was Parry. And he had a friend named Lord. And they were wicked famous in NERD WORLD which is where I currently live. I mainlined a chapter and scanned the index and I swear to god, that essay was kissing MY ass by the time I was done with it. The moral of this story is this: you know that whole thing people always say about how you shouldn't study for the last hour before the exam? Give your feeble brain a rest? BULLSHIT. Work that feeble brain!! Up to the LAST SECOND, bitch!! That's how the Sloth rolls. And now I can finally get some muthafuckin Z's, dawg. Yeah hell, yeah hell, yeah.