Monday, February 20, 2006

Aaaaaand, we're back!

With our first-in-a-while Shameful Shoe Post. I hope you've all been well - let's get to it! Well, I think we can all guess where the leather for this shoe came from... "Get the fuck away from me Donna Karan or I will cut you!! I will CUT! YOU!!" This Marc Jacobs shoe costs $100 and doubles as a dish strainer. Ok, I know, I know. I'm always picking on the fuzzy boots. I can't help it - they're funny! Especially when they're RAINBOW COLORED. But in this case I really just wanted to share with you one of the customer reviews of this wicked hawt boot. "LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THEM- Ooooomy god these shoes are awesome!!!!!! I have them on right now!! THEY ARE SO COMFORTABLE AND CUTE. I can't get enough of em! They even make your legs look skinny! I got the pink kind, YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY GO FOR IT!!!!! GET THEM! I wear an 8 and got a 9 and they fit PERFECT." Oooooomy god, I JUST ACCIDENTALLLLY SCRATCHED A HOLE IN MY CHEEK WHILE I WAS READING THAT!!!!!!! Anyone who wears this boot deserves to be lured into the back of a van by a man with a fake cast on his arm and then dumped down a well and forced to rub the lotion on its skin, no questions asked. This ONE THOUSAND DOLLAR shoe looks to me - and feel free to disagree - like it was riveted (badly) by Alec Baldwin's chest. Alec Baldwin's chest doesn't have opposable thumbs (last time I checked). Perhaps that's why so much of itself got left behind. And finally, this handy boot is super for those times when standing in traffic, holding that cardboard sign that says, "IMA HORE WITH A DERTY ASS PLZ CAN I HAVE SUM MUNNY" starts to be a killer on the triceps. No sign needed - these babies speak for themselves. Well.........Slothville's doors are once again open. Welcome back to crazytown!