Thursday, March 09, 2006

Morning Quickie

I wish. Overheard in Cambridge: Harvard Professor - "You know the ironclad rule of chatrooms, right? Does everyone know this? The ironclad rule of chatrooms is that if they are unmoderated people always end up talking about Adolph Hitler." Douchebag - "I think I'm a pariah because I'm good-looking and I say emotionally charged things and because I'm interesting looking that makes me a target when I say things that are, like, controversial. People feel they need to argue with me all the time." (At which point I mention that I say emotionally charged things on a regular basis and I don't feel like a target to which he replies, "Yeah, but you're a pretty girl. You can say anything you want because nobody really takes you seriously.") Warrior Steve - "Whenever I'm walking toward someone on the sidewalk and they don't move, I just assume they're a scientologist."