Monday, March 13, 2006

Pack 'em Up & Move 'em Out

Well, everyone, our tenure here at Blogger is at an end. I've put together a little shanty town with some corrugated tin, rags and rusty pipes in a very up-and-coming area. If you'd like to visit with me while I work on my links and enable my comments and generally clean house and set up our new home, I'd love to have you. It looks a little dingy right now, but all it needs is a little TLC. If you're not too sassed about being uprooted and would like to check out the new digs, please email me at for directions and password instructions. Tell me who you are, how I know you, and direct me to your homepage if you have one. You may not receive a reply for a day or two, but that's only because I'm still trying to put everything together and I don't necessarily want people poking around while there's still broken glass on the floor and the doors are falling off the hinges. And, oh, the paint job. Horrendous. A couple days, tops, eh? Thank you all for coming with me!